Women to meet for ‘March 8 Feminist Night March’

ISTANBUL – Feminist women will organize a meeting for 15th Feminist Night March to be held on March 8.

Feminist women in Istanbul will meet for 15th Feminist Night March to be held on March 8. The women, who will meet at Feminist Mekan (Feminist Place) on February 3, made a statement on the meeting and said, “The attacks targeting our lives have continued since March 8 last year, we found ourselves in a new struggle every day. Bombs fell on our lives; they wanted to pardon child rapists and forced girls to marry the rapists and “Divorce Commission” set its eye on the women’s freedom.”

‘Hate crimes didn’t slow down’

In the statement, women pointed out the State of Emergency and said, “At the end of a year of violence, the male dominant pressure and control over our lives increased with the State of Emergency imposed for six months. The women were left unprotected and insecure during the State of Emergency. Men violence, femicide and hate crimes against LGBTI didn’t slow down. The organizations founded for victims have become nonfunctional, women’s associations have been shut down and many women become unemployed.

“We don’t leave the streets while a constitutional referendum that will deeply affect all our lives will be held. On this year’s March 8, we will be together again. As feminist women, who want to organize together, we will meet at Feminist Mekan on February 3 at 7 p.m. “